Share, Like, Comment, Shill

I am torn with the recent surplus of games ‘sweepstakes’.

The idea being you like, comment, and share a photo, inundating your feed with an avalanche of hashtags for a chance at a prize.

On one hand, I get that it’s easy, cheap marketing for a brand. And they’re all typically brands that I like, or I wouldn’t want their stuff in the first place.

But on the other hand, I’m clogging up my social channels with me-generated spam, just for an attempt to get a pile of games or some collector’s edition when in reality I have a better chance of having Antoine Bauza spontaneously come to my house for a tamale-eating contest.

Yes, I know he’s French. I just really like tamales.

Not to mention, I typically am forced to add some random FB app I will never again use, or ‘like’ some tertiary page which I will only have to remove from my feed later on.

Perhaps in the near future, there will be some other way to spread the word for your product that doesn’t include three-thousand people just commenting OMG I NEED THIS.

In the meantime, please like, share, and comment on this article for a chance to win a moderately clammy high-five from yours truly.


Fire it Up! Cash'n Guns gets a Reboot

Sorry, I just watched the Crow. 

Anyhoo, much-loved-and-hard-to-find game Cash n' Guns (Ca$h'n Gun$, technically, but that just feels weird to type... it makes my fingers sad) has been rumored to make a triumphant return since last year's Gen Con. But, now we have official OFFICIAL official news on it. It's coming back, bigger and better. More players, more actions, more fun, theoretically dropping at Gen Con 2014.

Dollars to donuts they end up calling it Cash n' Guns Reloaded.

Take a look a the vaguely-awkward video below for more more heavily-accented info, and expect full coverage at this year's GC. 

The First Transport is Away - Fantasy Flight Drops More Expansion Info

The long-awaited (except by my wallet) X-wing expansion ships are almost here, and Fantasy Flight has posted up some more information about the Transport that ran the blockade at the escape of Hoth.

Here's the skinny. They're really intended to be used of for the Cinematic Play or Epic Play variants. Meaning, if you're going to just rock out a quick skirmish with squad points, this doesn't really apply. It's to used for campaigns spanning several battles.

The most noteable feature is the 'energy' system... essentially a resource management mechanic to level the playing field. Energy is spent to use actions, or activate upgrades.

It also comes with a behemoth of a maneuver template to better simulate the buslike movement of it. It apparently accomodates yaw and drift... which means I might just be tempted to eschew firefights entirely and just Initial D around the map, taking out TIEs like so many bugs against a windshield.

Regardless, this expansion will take your X-wing gaming to a whole new level.

You can check out the full article here. 

Kickstarter Spotlight: The Whispering Road

Today's Kickstarter Spotlight is Miyazaki-themed RPG 'The Whispering Road'.

The gameplay description is a bit nebulous, making it sound more like a storytelling game than a true RPG. So if you're expecting to lay down some Mononoke-level ass-whuppin's, well, that's probably not the case here. This seems to be a bit more along the lines of Bauza's Little Wizards with a Ghibli skin.

But, it's 773% funded, so this cat could be on to something. 

Now, to check out the stats on my Radish Spirit...

You can check out the kickstarter here.

Have Fun Storming the Castle


Our friends over at Dice Tower have a kickstarter going to fund their next season. Show the boys (and girls) some love by kicking them a few bucks to keep it going.

Play on!

Here's the link for the KS: